A Moment in Time
By WinterViolet24

Title: A Moment in Time
Author: Lily (WinterViolet24)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The following characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy,
I am simply using the characters for my own twisted enjoyment.
Author's Note: It has been so long since I have written a Buffy/Giles story that I hope I do not disappoint with the following tale. Though I should point out it's more of a scene than a tale, it could possibly become a story if people feel there's enough to go on to make a story with it. Until now it's just a short little piece.

    This is the true measure of Love,
    When we believe that we alone can love,
    That no on could ever have loved so before us,
    And that no one will ever love in the same way after us.


    The sand was warm beneath her feet and the ocean waves rolled in and out, creating their own mesmerizing song, their movements hypnotic. The palm trees behind her waved in the heated breeze and she pulled the gauzy white wrap tighter around herself, her dress a simple white. She looked out at the glittering blue sea and thought of him. How he would love to see such a sight, knowing he would come soon enough to see it. Her soft blonde hair brushed along her cheeks and her green eyes looked up at the skies. They were a mixture of blue, pink, red, and purple, the sun setting low.

    Suddenly she felt strong warm arms around her and sighed deeply, knowing the touch as well as her own. She turned in those arms and buried herself in his chest, feeling blessed as his hands ran over her hair, cupping the nape of her neck. She could smell his cologne and her body tingled at each touch of his fingers on her scalp, as he seemed to try and caress each strand lovingly.

    It was then she decided that she wanted to die here. To not look up, even if to look at his lovely face because she was to scared to lose this feeling, to lose him. It felt too good, too full of love. It was overwhelming her. He tightened his hold but his hands didn't stop running through her hair or dancing down her spine. She stayed this way with him as long as she could before letting out a sigh, easing some of the butterflies out of her system and breathing his name, "Rupert."

    She lifted her head and looked into Rupert Giles' green eyes, his handsome face, his features chiseled and unforgettable. She loved how soft his mouth looked and managed to raise a hand to let her fingers brush his lips as he said in a whisper, "Buffy."

    Giles lowered his head and his lips grazed hers, his tongue flicking out to urge her mouth open. But there was no need for encouragement. Her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him down to her, she kissed him with passion and longing. The type of kiss she gave him every time she found herself with him like this.

    His arms wrapped around her and lifted her up so their mouths could meet better, their tongues entangle more and Buffy's hands went for his hair, running through those thick strands of brown. They both pulled away panting softly and giving each other a few more quick kisses before falling into giggles and talking for a bit.

    They went to the water's edge and stuck their feet in the wet sand, the rushing ocean caressing their toes and they ran along the beach. They ended up below a palm tree, watching the first stars appear and kissing each other quietly when Buffy began to cry. The tears came softly, running down her cheeks to get caught with their kisses. Giles pulled away and kissed each tear away whispering, "I love you. I love you."

    But this answer just made Buffy cry harder and she threw herself into Giles arms, weeping, "I can't stand this again! Please, please I know this is going to end. I can't bear to have it end again! Hold me, please don't let me go. Don't let me go back."

"You must Buffy, if you ever wish for this to come true you must go back." He whispered against her hair as he held her.

    Buffy sniffled and felt the heat of him against her, her ear pressed to his chest and she could hear his heart beat, so rhythmic and in time. She rubbed her cheek against him to remember the feel. She did something like this every time, whether it was running her fingers along his palm or pressing her mouth against his neck she always did some act to remember the feel of him but it never last. Never, or even if it did for a bit it wasn't enough. She was still left hungry and wanting.

    Giles drew away and whispered, "It's time."

    Buffy shook her head wildly and clutched at him, "No! No just a little longer, please. I beg of you, Rupert. Oh god I love you so much! Don't send me back!"

    "I love when you call me Rupert." He admitted, "Giles always seemed a bit stodgy and dusty when you said it. When I was just your 'Watcher' not the man you now love."

    "I DO love you now, Rupert. I tried so hard not to but I couldn't help myself, couldn't hold myself back. I realized my devotion to you, my thoughts of you weren't that that should be shared between a father figure and a daughter or a tutor and a student but as a man and a woman. That's why we're here. That's why we're together right now like this. Because I love you and want to be with you."

    "Then why don't you tell me?"

    "I want to! Oh god how I want to but-but I'm so afraid. I've got so many people who wouldn't expect me to…Xander, Willow, and you…the REAL you, I mean what would they say about something like this? Especially you, how would you react? Would you return my feelings or run away or try to tell me I was wrong. And Riley, it's terrible of me to string him on like this I know." I truly thought I felt something for him but there is a divider between loving someone and BEING in love with someone and I'm IN love with you. You're who I want to be with like this, forever and ever. That's why you can't send me back, I beg of you." Buffy whispered and clutched him tighter to her body, fighting an inevitable tide that crushed her so every time. Giles closed his eyes and kissed the top of her head as he said, "This isn't real, Buffy."

    Buffy broke in half, hot tears squeezing out, "I know. It never is." Giles titled her head up and placed a kiss on her lips, "But it can be. Someday, maybe I won't have to send you back and this will be real and I will hold and kiss you just like this. We'll have a moment of time together all alone just like this."

    "I don't think," she licked her lips, tasting her salty tears, "I don't think anyone could love like this. Like I love you, my soul and heart hurt so much I feel like everyone can feel it. Like everyone in the world knows it, just by looking at me they know…I don't know if we'll ever be like this but I do know I love you more than any other woman could possibly love any other man."

    "If we don't end up like this, just remember, I'm always here for you. I'm always with you, deep inside, waiting for the next precious time you close your eyes and go to sleep so we can be together again." Giles returned and kissed her one last time before fading away.


    Buffy woke up, her pillow covered in tears. She ran a hand over her face and moaned. It hurt like hell, everytime she woke up from one of those perfect, hurtfully-too descriptive and realistic feeling dreams. Everytime she left one of those sweet, solitary moments in time with him, the man she loved and couldn't have: Rupert Giles.