Always, Forever
By Mydnyght

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The small girl slowly walked through the cemetery. She clutched a stake in her small hand, as a twig broke and dead leaves crunched. She whirled around and smiled at the figure that greeted her with a small smile.

"Hey Giles."

"Oh Hello Buffy. I am sorry I am late. Willow, Oz, and I were researching, and I realized that it was late. Yes I made sure they got home safely. Any other questions?"

"Do I get a cookie?"

He chuckled and smiled down on her. He didn’t know what he would do without her. She was more than Buffy the vampire slayer; she was his slayer and his Buffy. "Of course. It is waiting in the car. With a steaming cup of hot cocoa."

"With marshmellows?"

"With marshmellows. I have even included a small bag with extra marshmellows in it."

He laughed as the small woman attacked him in a monstrous hug. He held her back and softly stroked her back. She released him from her hug and walked arm in arm with him through the grass and to his waiting vehicle.

He held the door for her and smiled when he heard her little giggle over the cookie box and the cocoa. When he got in the Citeron and finally got it started, she coughed slightly, catching his attention.

"Are you sick, Buffy?"

"I don’t know. Anyway, can I ask a question?"

"I don’t know can you?" he teased slightly.

"All right. May I ask a question?"

"Of course. Always. "

"Could we have a Slayer/Watcher talk sometime?"

"Ummm I suppose. What would this talk consist of?"

"Me finding out about you. Is that ok?"

"Yes it’s fine. So did you have any action tonight?"

"I only staked two tonight. It was kinda boring."

"Good. I’m very proud of you. Are you sure you are all right?"

"I’m a little tired. I may have a little fever. Why?"

"You are very pale. Maybe your mother will have something for that."

"Actually it’s just me and Mr. Gordo for the rest of the week."

"Mr. Gordo?"

"My stuffed pig."

She coughed again and leaned her head back on the seat. She sighed and snuggled into his arm. "Can I go home with you tonight?"

"Of course. Do you want to stop by your house and pick up a few clothes. Buffy?"

He smiled down on his sleeping slayer. He turned the corner, and parked outside her house. He sighed and got out, closing the door quietly behind him. He fished the key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. Going upstairs, he switched the light on in her room. It definitely reflected Buffy. He grabbed a small overnight bag off the door and opened the drawer. Good Lord, it’s her panty drawer. Get a grip man. Ok…Baseball, rugby, hockey, think Latin. He quickly shoved the drawer shut.

He opened the next drawer and was equally horrified. Bras. He reached in and just grabbed one. All right. Onto another drawer. He sighed when he discovered it was shirts. He pulled out a couple and folded them quickly and stuck them in the bag. Pulling out another drawer, he pulled a pair of sweats and jeans out. He looked the room over and noticed an old stuffed pig on the bed. Mr. Gordo, he thought. He picked up the pig and put it under his arm. He walked downstairs and quietly exited the house. He locked the door and walked out to the car.

He smiled. She was still asleep. He got back in and softly touched her cheek. She stirred slightly and meowed in her sleep. He started the car and pulled away from the curb.

About 15 minutes later, he pulled into his drive. He smiled and picked her up. He carried her up the stairs and put her on his sofa. He returned to the other room and picked a book from a shelf and began to read.

She opened her green eyes a few minutes later. She smiled when she recognized her surroundings and heard the tea kettle sing out. She ventured into the other room, startling Giles.

"Oh hello Buffy, did I wake you?"

"No, of course not. I heard the tea kettle and decided it was time to get up. Whatcha reading?"

"Hm the Journal of Jonathan Foley. His slayer was Jocelyn. A rather remarkable girl but died young."


"Plague at 17."

"Oh. Would you answer a question I have?"

"I’ll try."

"How long do you think I will live?"

"Buffy, You can’t expect me to answer that."

"Giles you are my friend and my watcher, I need to know."

She saddened when she saw the tears forming in his green eyes. She walked over to him and pulled his head against her stomach. Her heart broke when she felt his shoulders shake with his sobs. He wrapped his arms around her and cried into her.

"I didn’t think you would last a day on Hellmouth. You were so.. Cordelia like. You hated your destiny. I thought that maybe this time they chose the wrong girl. But my girl came through."

She smiled at his use of his girl. "I still think they were wrong. I have to admit that you weren’t my idea of a Watcher when I met you. All that tweed. It was wiggin’ me out."

He chuckled at this and raised his head. "The night you defeated the Master, I called my Mum at 3:30 in the morning London. I got quite a tongue lashing but I had to tell someone. She kept asking what I had been drinking."

He pulled her to his knee, she rested her head on his. He smiled and pulled her against his chest. For a few minutes they just held each other in the silence, trying to deal with their emotions.

I love him. I can’t! He’s my watcher! He’s Giles. Giles equals Love. Love that won’t hurt me. I can’t. But I do. Damn, what do I do? She thought . She smiled as she felt his hand on her back. It felt so right. Maybe loving him was right.

God, you are holding her on your lap. Do you think she knows? NO. She is still in love with Angel. I’m just Giles. Someone like her father. Except I’m here for her. Damnit what do I do? She is so beautiful. An angel, a stake in one hand and my heart in the other. Oh Merrick, how did you resist?

"I love you." She whispered.

"Excuse me?". He blinked twice and looked at her. She couldn’t have said she loved him.

"I um never mind."

"I love you Buffy."

She smiled at him and softly kissed him. He kissed her back softly and held her tighter.

"Ya know Giles, this had better not be the love a father has for his daughter."

He laughed and said, " No luv. I love this incredibly beautiful strong woman. Her hair is like softest gold silk. Her skin has been kissed by the sun. Her lips like ripened raspberries. Her touch like butterfly wings. I’m sorry, Buffy. I didn’t mean to make you cry."

"you could have just said—I love you as a woman, and I would have loved that. But you go and make it so sound amazing and make me feel amazing. I love you so much, Rupert."

"I think that is the first time you have called me by name, Elizabeth. I always liked the name Elizabeth, but I admit you are my Buffy. I love you Elizabeth Anne."

She yawned and snuggled into him.

"Tired Luv?"


"Come on. Oh I forgot your nightclothes, I’m sorry. Would one of my shirts due?"

"Wonderful. You packed my clothes?"

"They are in the bag on the sofa by you. Go look to see if I got everything."

She got up and ran into the other room. He followed and watcher her delight as she pulled out Mr. Gordo. She hugged the pig and ran over to him. She leaped up and gave him a big hug and kiss.

"This is why I love you."

I will never tire of her saying that. I think those are the sweetest words in the human language. Yes, Old Man you are lucky. You are loved by one of God’s Angels, he thought silently.

"and I you. Now off to bed. Do you want the guest room or the master room?"

"Guest is great. Hey Giles?"


"I love you." With that she ran upstairs and ran into his room.

He shook his head and smiled when he heard the shower running. She was something else, his Buffy. He returned to the kitchen and was pouring a cup of tea, when he heard an ear-splitting scream from the bathroom. He dropped the cup and ran upstairs. He knocked and went into the bathroom. He encountered Buffy, in a towl, standing on his toilet.

"Giles, there is a like a spider the size of LA in the shower."

"You can defeat the Master, Kill vamps on a nightly basis, save the world every other day and you can’t handle a spider?"

"Well, this one is black and hairy and has 8 legs. It’s mean looking."

He smiled and took his shoe off and killed the spider with no problem. She stood back and watched as he disposed of the offending creature in the trashcan.

"Anything else Luv?"

"Ummmmm no. I love you though…My hero!"

He laughed and closed the door behind him. God He loved being her hero. His chest swelled and then he remembered the cup and the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later, he was sitting on the sofa waiting for her return. He heard her barefeet come down the stairs and looked up. She was a water goddess. She was still wet but yet still beautiful.

"Buffy, you look amazing."

She blushed under his gaze. She tugged on the shirt that came down to her knees. She smiled at him and said, "Ya know Giles, you really need a hairdryer. My hair isn’t used to no hairdrying."

"I never knew your hair was wavy."

"I hate it. That’s why I blow dry it."

"I like it. Very angelic looking. Come sit with me, please?"

She smiled and snuggled into his side. He felt so warm and strong. He wrapped his arms around her and stroked her back softly. "What was Ripper like?"

He tensed up and frowned a little. "Why?"

"Just wondering."

"He was very much like you saw him with the candy incident. He was very protective over his loved ones. Very competitive. Loved his music loud and beer cold."

"Why do you refer to him as He? He is part of you."

"A part I don’t like and don’t like to remember. He was awful. He caused some people a lot of pain. He was an awful person. I’m glad that part of me is gone."

"He’s not gone. You are still very protective and very competitive. Admit you would love to knock Wesley on his bum, and you could with no problem. Although I’m not sure about the loud music, I know you like your tea hot. Why the tweed?"

"Tweed was as far as I could get from leather. Besides I couldn’t act up in tweed. I admit I don’t like it all that much, but it’s ok. What would you rather see me in?"

"Nothing. I mean maybe like khakies and simple shirt. Something that is comfortable and wouldn’t induce heat stroke."

He chuckled over her nothing and groaned. A part of him definitely caught the nothing part. Baseball, hockey, rugby, Latin, Xander. Aww yes, the thought of Xander had quieted his desires for the moment. He looked at her and caught her looking at him. "Yes?"

"Do you think I am pretty?"

Good lord, I think she is perfect. A Goddess. And she askes if I think she is pretty?, he thought. "I think you are gorgeous. Inside and out. Although I think you are prettier when you smile."

She smiled at him and curled up against him. He held her close and felt her yawn. He picked her up and carried her upstairs. He laid her down on the bed in the guest room and pulled the covers over her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. The simple kiss quickly turned passionate and left both of them breathless. He got up from the bed and left her there.

She drifted off to sleep. She slept relatively sound until the storm came in.

When the thunder shook the sky, her eyes flew up. She looked around and hugged Mr. Gordo. She heard the floorboards creak and looked up. Giles are standing in the doorway looking at her. She gave him a small smile.

"How did you know?"

"I can sense you in a way. I can usually tell when you have a dream, although I don’t what about. I felt your body tense with the thunder so I got up to check on you."

"I don’t sleep too well in storms. They are kinda scary. I have had this fear since I was little. Rupert, could I stay with you for a little bit?"

"Of course. Want to go back downstairs?"

"Can we go your bed?"

Oh Lord, she can’t be serious. She is giving me that look. How can I tell her no? Very simple, NO. But she needs me. You need her too. Yes I do. He gave her a smile and extended his hand. She took it and grabbed Mr. Gordo off the bed. He lead her to his room and made a place for her on his bed. He watched as she snuggled into his bed and smiled. He took off his robe and sat down by her. She instantly snuggled into his side and wrapped her fingers around his.

"Buffy, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah. What?"

"Can you see us as anything more than slayer/watcher?"

"Yes. Will you laugh?"

"No of course not."

"I can see us dating. Then maybe getting married. If I live long enough, have kids. That kind of thing.:

"If it was possible, would you give up slaying?"


"I was researching it today. You could try to quit the council or do what Jocelyn did."

"I thought she died of the plague."

"That was what the Council was led to believe. She and Jonathan were in love. They faked her death. They had to leave their home and live elsewhere."

"You can’t quit the Council can you?"

"Not really."

"What is a good way to die?"

He smiled faintly and held her close. "How will your mother take it?"

"My death or my new boyfriend?"

He laughed at this. "The latter. I dare say, she won’t be happy."

"Who cares? At least you have a pulse, heartbeat, and under two centuries. Besides you are so darn adorable."

He held her closer and kissed her head. She kissed him long and smiled when he moaned. He pulled her on his lap and kissed her long and hard. She gasped when she felt his manhood pushing against her. She smiled at the thought that Giles wanted her.

She silently prayed that he wanted her like she wanted him. She took his hand and kissed the palm. Then she placed it on her breast and watched his eyes. His eyes blazed a dark green and softly cupped her breast. She sighed when his fingers found her nipple and began to massage it softly, yet firmly.

"Buffy, are you sure you want this? If we go much further, I won’t be able to stop."

"Rupert, If we stop, I will kill you."

He laughed and laid her down on the bed and started to kiss every inch of her body. Soon she was moaning and begging him to finish this torture. As soon as his tongue touched her clit, she climaxed and cried out his name. He smiled and rubbed his hard cock against her and made her cry more. He took pity on her and slowly entered her. He groaned when he found out how tight she was. God this is heaven, he thought as he slowly slid in. She wrapped her legs around him and brought him in closer. She slowly pinched his nipples and sucked on them while, they moved together. Soon the pace picked up. They are moving together like opposing armies; thrusting harder and harder against one another. Soon she cried out his name and came again. His climax was seconds after hers.

"I love you Rupert Giles."

"I love you too."

"What do we do about the Council?"

"Ummm get married and tell them to go to hell."

"Umm Buffy Giles. I like. I love you Rupert."

"and I you always. Ummm Buffy, Could you move Mr. Gordo? He’s puncturing a kidney?"