A Guy

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Summary: Buffy/Giles Fluff for my sister's birthday.'Cause I luv her.  

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Spoilers: Up through "Something Blue"

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Buffy and Willow were sitting in their room, eating ice cream and feeling depressed. Willow was sad because Oz had left her; Buffy was sad because Angel was gone, Parker was a jerk, Riley was bland and she had kissed Spike. She was not having a good year.

"Guys stink," said Buffy, in a tone that brooked no contradiction. Not that Willow was in any mood to contradict her.

"Exactly," Willow agreed.

"Who needs them?"

Willow looked even sadder. "I think we do. But they're all such, such, poopheads."

Buffy thought that over for a few minutes. "Not all of them." Willow just raised her eyebrows in question. Buffy's forehead puckered as she thought about it some more. "Giles. Giles isn't a poophead."

"Okay, I'll give you that one. But most of the rest of them are. They're jerks, with no sense of commitment, who take off at the first hint of problems."

"Not Giles. He so committed that he should be committed." Buffy grinned at her own funny.

"True, we couldn't get rid of him if we wanted to. Well, actually, you couldn't."

"Well, you know destiny and all that."

"Yeah." Willow said glumly.

They ate some more ice cream, staring off into space. Finally Buffy spoke again. "Why is it so difficult to find nice, stable guys? The kind that don't leave.  And nice doesn't have to mean boring does it? And dangerous doesn't have to mean evil?"

Willow pursed her lips in thought, "I think you already have the only one of those."


"Giles. Nice, stable, would never leave you, nice but not boring, you know with Ripper and all, and he was certainly dangerous, but not evil. But I think he's probably the only one left." She frowned. "Too bad he's Giles, and not a, well, you know, guy-guy."

"Yeah. Too bad."

They sat eating their ice cream.

"Why is he not a guy-guy?" Buffy asked.

"'Cause he Giles."


More ice cream.

"He is nice looking though. In a mature, kind of way." Buffy said pensively.

"True," Willow agreed. "I can see why some of the girls in high school had crushes on him."

Buffy frowned. "Like who?" She demanded.

"Um," Willow frowned in thought. "Do you remember Nancy Doyle?"

"Yeah. So?"

"She told me that she had a crush on him. For like two years."

"Oh." Buffy said in a small voice. "Really?"

"Yeah." Willow thought some more. "Casey Morgan. She had a big crush on him. Debbie McIntire. Shelly Barton. Um, I don't remember anyone else."

Buffy looked stunned. She knew all of those girls. They were all fairly normal. "Weird," was all she said.

They ate more ice cream.

Willow spoke again. "Giles has nice hands, though. I did notice that, from the start."

"Yes," Buffy said dreamily. "Long graceful fingers."

"Yeah," Willow said with an odd look at Buffy.

"And really nice green eyes." Buffy said in that same dreamy tone.

"His eyes are green? I always thought they were blue."

"Nope, they're green."


Buffy sat up straight. "You know what?"


"I think Giles is a guy. You know, a guy-guy."

"What?" Willow asked.

"Giles is a guy. The kind we've been talking about. He should be with someone. If he's like the only one there is, then he shouldn't be wasted."

"Okay. Who should he be with?"

"Um, who do we know?"

"His age?"

"Nah. He's not used to women his age. He needs someone younger. Maybe twenty or twenty-five"

Willow started to name women that they knew. And Buffy shot down every offering. This one wasn't smart enough, that one wasn't pretty enough. This one was a bitch.

"Um. Mary Christopher?" Willow said, naming a senior in their pysch class. "She's smart, and pretty, and she's nice."

"Yeah," said Buffy dubiously. "But, how would she react to me. To all of us?"

"Oh, yeah there is that."

"She has to be someone we could let in on the sitch."

Willow started to get a strange idea, and try as she might it wouldn't go away. Finally she spoke. "Someone who could know about the whole Watcher/Slayer thing. And about vampires, and demons and the forces of evil. That really kinda' narrows it down."

"True," was Buffy's thoughtful reply.

Willow smiled. "I guess we should sleep on it, and see if we can think of anyone."

"It's a plan." Said Buffy, and they put the remains of the ice cream away, and went to sleep.

*** The next morning ***

Buffy knocked on the door to Giles' place, since the door was locked. She was earlier than she had intended to be, but now that she had the idea that Giles needed someone, she wanted to get on with it. It bothered her that it bothered that Giles might have someone.

He didn't answer right away, so she knocked again, and a few seconds later the door swung open. Giles stood there, his hair wet, wearing the dark silk robe that he had worn when Olivia was there. Buffy took a step back. "Are-are you busy?" She asked timidly.

"No," he answered as he ushered her in. "I just got out of the shower, and heard knocking."

"Oh," she said. Then she realized what exactly that meant. "Jus-just out?"

He cocked his head to one side. "Yes." His tone was confused. Her eyes dropped to his groin, as she realized that her Watcher was <Oh boy, naked as a jay bird under that thin little robe> He followed her gaze, then realizing where her thoughts had strayed, felt all of the blood in his body surge towards the area under inspection. "Buffy?"

She brought her eyes up to meet his. "What? Oh, sorry. Good morning."

He grinned at her. "Good morning. If you want to, just have a seat and I'll throw some clothes on."

Buffy made a move to postpone the putting on of Giles' clothes. "Actually, I would really like to talk to you." She sat on his couch, and patted the area next to her. He hesitated, knowing that he was treading on dangerous water. Then, with a mental shrug, joined her.

"Yes, Buffy, what is it?"

"Well," she tried to begin, uncertain now that she had her chance. "I, that is we, Willow and I think that you need a girlfriend."

His jaw dropped in shock "I-I beg your pardon?"

"A girlfriend. Someone to be with, spend time with, eat your meals with, sle... um, be with. Look, Giles, we decided that you may be the only good guy left out there, and you should not be wasted."

"'The only good guy'?"

"Well, yeah. Able to commit, not to mention willing to commit, faithful, smart, kind," Buffy continued, warming to her subject. "Attractive, sweet, gentle.."

"Hold a moment. Attractive? Since when?"

She blushed. "Well, always, but I dunno', more so lately. I'm sure that we could find you a lady friend."

"Are you?" He settled back against the couch, carefully crossing one leg over the other, which drew Buffy's attention to his long, muscular legs.

"Have your legs always been so nice?" Her eyes widened. "Please tell me that I didn't just say that out loud." She pleaded.

His eyes dancing with suppressed mirth, he replied. "Sorry, no more lies, remember?"

She pouted. "One little one couldn't have hurt."

"One little one, or not, I promised."

She smiled. "And a man of his word. See? I'm pretty sure you're the last one. Or close to the last one."

"So we, er, I should get busy and breed more?" He asked, eyes still laughing.

She didn't like the way that thought made her feel. "Well, not necessarily. But you should have a girlfriend. Willow and I tried to think of some last night, but they were not acceptable. And I thought that maybe you should have some imput, also."

"Oh you did, did you? Well, thanks for that."

"Huh? Oh, you know what I meant. Wh-what kind of woman do you like?" She asked, afraid of the answer.

He appeared to consider her question. "Well, I like a woman to be intelligent."

"Like Willow?" She asked, a little hurt.

"Or you, you're very intelligent, as we both know." She beamed at him. "While looks aren't the most important thing, I should like her to be at least somewhat attractive."

"Attractive. Like Cordelia?"

"Well Cordelia is more than 'somewhat attractive'. As is Willow, and of course, yourself. All three of you are quite lovely."

"Really? Lovely?"

"Absolute heartbreakers." He assured her with complete sincerity.

She blushed. "Is there a particular physical type you prefer?"

He hesitated. "The only woman I ever truly loved was blond."

"But Miss Calender was., oh." She bit her lip.

He swallowed. "Which brings up another important point. She would need to be aware of all of this," he made an all-encompassing gesture. "Or she would be in danger. She would also need to know about Ethan, Ripper and all of that. She would need to be able to take care of herself if a dangerous situation arose." He looked at her, willing her to put the pieces of the puzzle

"Sheesh, sounds like you need a Slayer." Her eyes widened, then flew to his. "M-Me?" Her voice was dazed.

"Always," he replied gently.

She exhaled noisily. "Well then why the hell didn't you say so." She demanded, before throwing herself at him.

"You didn't ask," was his reply as his arms closed around her.

Their lips met in a tender kiss. The tenderness lasted for several seconds, before escalating into a thorough exploration. Tongues met and dueled, hands roamed at will. It only took Buffy four seconds to have Giles completely naked. It took him two minutes to return the favor (counting the thirty seconds that he was frozen stiff <g> as her small hand closed around his erection).

As their naked overheated bodies pressed together, Giles decided that it was time to move upstairs. Despite her protests, Giles pulled away from her warm embrace, and stood. He held his hand out to her, but she just pouted up at him. He raised his eyebrows at her, then smirked. He reached for her hand, and quickly drew her to her feet. Then he threw her over his shoulder. She squealed. Flesh on flesh as the moved up the stairs. From her upside down point of view, she had an excellent vantage for his butt. She reached down and slapped it. Hard.

He yelped. "Oh, you're gonna' pay for that one, Luv." He growled at her. She just giggled.

When they reached the bedroom, Giles tossed her carefully on the bed. Then he covered her small body with his.

He started kissing at her left ankle and worked his way slowly up her body. By the time he reached her mouth, she was trembling with the need for release. "Giles? Please?" Holding her lips with his, he carefully guided his erection to the welcoming warmth of her body, and slid the tip in. "Oh God, Giles," was all she managed to say, then he slid the rest of his hard length into her. She arched off of the bed to meet his slow thrust. They set a slow building rhythm, each trying to hold back until the other went over.

Finally, Giles decided to take matters in hand, and slipped one of his hands to her clit, and carefully manipulated it until her walls clenched at his penis. Then he too let go and released himself to her.

Later they lay side by side, holding each other, whispering words of love. And Buffy believed every word he said.