Against the Wall
By Lily2332

TITLE: Against the Wall
AUTHOR: Lily2332
SUMMARY: This is what Giles finds at the frat house when he Goes to investigate. My version of Where the Wild things are.
FEEDBACK: This is my twisted attempt at humor, so humor me and tell me what you thought!
DISTRIBUTION: Solo if she wants it, anyone else, ask first
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, don’t sue

Xander ran up the sidewalk to the frat house with Giles behind him, both of them huffing rapidly from their sprint back from the Espresso Pump.

"Giles, it’s freaky in there, man," Xander warned before he opened the door.

"Xander, I believe that after all the demons that I’ve faced in the past, that I can handle a little bit of, er, ‘freaky’ behavior from teenagers." Giles said dryly, still a little perturbed about being interrupted in the middle of his gig by a disheveled Xander, running right up to him in front of everyone, blurting, "You have to come quick! Everyone’s doing it, and I can’t stop them!"

No, he wouldn’t be getting invited back to play there again anytime soon.

The Watcher sighed and stepped past Xander into the middle of chaos. Upon first look, it appeared that everyone was having a wonderful time, but there were several people huddled in corners, crying and babbling for no apparent reason. Most of the people at the party were involved in the most scandalous version of Spin the Bottle that Giles had ever seen, even in his Ripper days.

"I want to show you something," Xander said, leading him toward the stairs, but Giles stopped short at the bottom, captivated by what he saw.

Buffy. His Slayer, in the flesh, standing by the wall, her palm flat on the wall, her head thrown back, eyes closed. She whimpered helplessly for a moment, then cried out, shuddering with pleasure. It looked as though she were deep in the throes of sexual ecstacy, but how…

"Buffy?" Giles asked tentatively, ignoring Xander, who was halfway up the stairs already, urging him on.

She turned from the wall slowly, looking up at Giles with heavy-lidded eyes. Then she took his hand, pulled it slowly toward her, and placed it on the wall behind her, at the same time, leaning so that her entire back was against the hard, cool surface.

He opened his mouth to ask her what was going on, when he felt it. The beginnings of something powerful, sparkling along his nerve endings, building, building-

Buffy saw her watcher chickening out, shaking his head, retreating, and

she kept her hand over his, trapping it against the wall. "Giles, just do it, do it, let it happen, it feels so-so-oh God!" The erotic force from the wall, combined with the sight of Buffy, writhing and gasping took Giles tumbling over the edge, and he did what she’d instructed, did it, let it happen, and she had been right; it was good.


After a few more rounds at the wall, Giles sank to the ground, needing a rest, but not about to let that contact go, so he used the wall for support, for the first time aware of his surroundings. He could see Willow and her friend Tara coming into the living room on the far side of the house.

He absently slid his hand up his slayer’s leg as he watched them. So smooth, so right. As his fingers found their way to the heat he’d been seeking, another wave of pleasure overtook him, and he squeezed her thigh.

They both had worried, unhappy expressions on their faces. As they stepped around some broken furniture, Willow bumped into Tara, and the both jumped back.

"Three feet, we agreed, three feet!!" The blonde said, bordering on hysteria.

"I-I know, I’m sorry," Willow said miserably, hugging her arms around her body. "Ugh. That was…totally my fault."

Tara eyed her sternly. "Three feet. That will be safe, we won’t be bad like them."

Willow nodded, and they approached the bottom of the stairs, where she stopped abruptly. "Oh God, oh no. Uh oh…" she covered her eyes with her hands.

"What’s wrong?" Tara asked with concern, then she saw Giles and Buffy. The Slayer was still at it, rubbing her now half-naked body against the wall, and Giles realized in a rush of embarrassment that his pants had somehow gotten undone, and were gaping open at the fly.

Tara started to hyper-ventilate. "Oh, this is bad, it’s just…" she turned so she wouldn’t have to look at the Slayer and her Watcher.

"I know!" said Willow with relief. "We could-could…blindfold ourselves, and then we wouldn’t have to see-" she stopped, giving Tara a knowing look. "That kind of thing." She whispered, as though saying it would somehow cause it to taint her.

Tara thought this to be a great idea, but had some trouble tying the scarf around her own eyes. "I need some help here," she began, then pulled back as though burned. Three feet. The minimum requirement. They’d agreed on it in the kitchen. "Never mind. I can do it myself." But she fumbled at the knot, and the scarf floated to the floor.

Willow’s green eyes filled with tears of despair. "How can we get up the stairs without seeing" she gestured at her friends, the very picture of depravity.

Giles looked up at the girls from his position on the floor. "Oh, for crying out loud, just close your eyes and be on with it," he sighed.

"Yes!" Tara’s smile lit up her face. "We’ll close our eyes. You first, Willow." And together, they ascended the staircase. Giles heard their shrieks when they reached the top and decided that they must’ve come upon an even more corrupt scene than the one in which he was currently participating.

Suddenly, Xander’s voice was shouting, Xander’s hands were yanking him from the wall.

Xander stood between the wall, and Buffy and Giles. He wondered if he looked as dazed as his Slayer. Or as delightfully flushed with sweat and arousal.

"Upstairs…Riley!" he was saying frantically, and Buffy and Giles ran after him, up the stairs.

He noticed Willow and Tara at the end of the hall, on the floor, (three feet apart from one another, of course) eyes tightly shut, hands over their ears. He shook his head.

Xander showed him a door, vines were growing out of the ceiling, walls, and floor, making it impossible to get in the door.

"Oh, no, Riley!" Buffy gasped, rattling the doorknob. The vines were too powerful. The sounds of excited moans were coming from behind the door.

"Riley?" Buffy asked cautiously. "Wh-what’re you doing in there, babe?"

"Ahh, Buffy, I’m-oh, yesss…" he didn’t finish whatever he’d been about to say, and Xander, Giles and Buffy all stood there in shock, listening to the sounds of a man gasping for breath, louder and louder.

"Riley. Are you all right?" Giles asked. "Is anyone in your room in any danger?" His Watcher instincts had taken over.

More groans. "No, th-there’s no one….ohhh…no one in here with me, I just can’t- can’t stop-" he trailed off again, and they were all treated to the sound of a squeaky bed being pounded furiously.

Everyone stared at the vine-covered door, allowing that bit of information to sink in.

"Ouch." Xander muttered.

"Yes. Quite." Giles agreed.

"Riley!" Buffy cried. "Giles, do something, he’s going to hurt himself!" She kicked at the door, but her slayer strength was no match for the majicks.

"Yes, he may…" Giles searched his extensive vocabulary for a tactful reply. "He may be…rather sore for a few days, but his life isn’t in any danger, Buffy."

"Oh." Her ‘oh’ was small and embarrassed, and Giles peeked over to make sure that she was all right. Just in time to see a grin spread over her face. She smiled up at him shyly, taking his hand.

"So…you wanna go back to the wall?"